Our Company

Our Story

Our directors have instilled a philosophy within the company that, above all, values honesty, integrity, experience and the desire to put in the time. Equally, we are aware of our future direction and the benefits of growing and broadening our knowledge and skills; of keeping abreast with the latest innovative marketing methods. We continually strive to capitalise on the blending of youthful enthusiasm and mature experience to achieve the highest possible standards of excellence. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide an exceptional level of service that is envied by others in the real estate industry.

Our Values

Integrity, team work, excellence, accountability, honesty, openness, respect, boldness, service to others.

Our Promise

To ensure the provision of a cohesive team of educated professionals, highly informed and skilled in the latest market trends, innovation and technology to enable the deliverance of an unprecedented service to our clientele.

Our Vision

To provide a unique service and marketing experience to existing and prospective clients throughout Taranaki, promoting our knowledge and experience and working as a united team to achieve results that exceed expectations; putting us ahead of all other independently owned and operated agencies in the area.

Our Belief

Today’s world is all about change – some may call it progress, yet while we need to or choose to embrace those necessary changes, there are many things we never want to change. There is comfort in knowing that a task will be completed in a thoroughly professional way; of being able to count on the extra care, service and effort that doesn’t appear on your account and of making friends while you conduct business. In the end, it’s all a matter of trust. Nowhere is trust more important to you than when you are involved in the sensitive, even delicate matters of selling and buying property. There are so many tangible and intangible facets involved, from finding what is pleasing, what is emotionally satisfying and what is secure for you, to the bottom line factors of affordability, investment and attracting the right buyers for your existing property. We understand you need more than trust. There has to be experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, dedication and the often rare commodities of honesty and discretion.

For those of us at Urban Studio, establishing and maintaining these credentials is fundamental in our day to day business life. We like the people with whom we work and we are proud that so many clients have come back to us again and again over the years.

Our Commitment

Commitment to our clients is paramount to our philosophy. It means providing a standard of excellence in service and effort to achieve the most successful results possible. Through this commitment lies the successful satisfaction of the client and also our company. Each member of our team offers us a high level of expertise and experience in all our spheres of operation. Importantly, our commitment ensures there are no boundaries in terms of property size or price. First home buyers, investors, owners upgrading or diversifying are all treated with the same determination and emphasis on superior real estate service. At Urban Studio, we know each property we market is unique; each has its own challenges and appeal and the particular requirements of every client are treated with courtesy and discretion. Privacy is a right we respect in all our dealings, in our careful supervision of inspections and publicity, however we never lose sight of our fundamental goal: to achieve the best possible results for our clients. Our reputation has grown substantially over the years by staying focused on this simple belief!