Working with real estate agents

Buyers and sellers have choices about the agents they choose to deal with. It is important to check that an agent is licensed and whether they have had any complaints upheld against them.

Selecting an agent
Sellers - You can contact as many agents as you like for an appraisal of your property before you decide who to list with. If there is a specific agent you would like to use, you can contact them directly.

Buyers - You do not have to deal with the agent a property is listed with. You can contact any agent from the agency the property is listed with and ask to deal with them.

Contacting an agent
There is an online public register, including contact details of all licensed real estate agents in New Zealand. You can search the public register on this website  Always check that any agent you are planning to deal with is licensed, even if you know them.

Buying and selling by auction
An auction is an open process where buyers bid against one another to purchase a property.

Buying and selling at an advertised price
This is when the property is marketed with a selling price – the amount the seller wants to be paid for it.

Buying and selling by tender
When a property is being sold by tender, prospective buyers submit confidential written offers for the property to the agent.